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June 6, 2014

A few gigs before Africa

Dear Friends,

Thank you all so much for your wonderful support of my live and recorded music! I’m excited to announce that guitarist Ian Faquini and I finished recording our duo album a couple of weeks ago. Please look out for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign launching soon. We hope to raise enough money to pay for the mixing, mastering and physical copies of the album through presales and donations, so we can complete the project and send it off to your ears.

I have just a few more gigs left before I take a break from my busy life, and spend the summer exploring Africa for the first time.. I’m starting out in Ghana, with an ORFF course taught there: we’ll be learning how ORFF teaching crosses over with African traditional music. Then I’ll be heading to Senegal to visit …from there, my course is unwritten … I’m looking forward to taking this time off from having a schedule and creating life from day to day.

Tonight I’ll be playing with my Indie genre-less band “La Dee Da” at Frank’s Cigar Shack in Downtown Oakland.  Check out the details here. I’ll also be playing at Taylor Memorial Church in Oakland at 10am on Sunday. Taylor is a soulful place of Gospel music. All my other public pre-flight gigs can be found on the performance page: I hope you can join me for a send off party Sunday night June 8th at Baobab, featuring Flamenco guitarist Gopal Slavonic, and some surprise guests. Friday the 13th. we’ll be playing music for you to dance Forró for Festa Junia, and on Sunday June 15th at 4pm, on my way to the airport, I’ll be playing at a great Oakland venue: Piedmont Piano company with lovely vocalist Allison Adams Tucker, accompanied by myself, Julien Cantelm, drums, Daniel Fabricant, bass, and Marcos Silva, piano. Hope to see you before I go!

Please join the Newsletter, and I promise to stay in touch from afar.